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With diverse experience in a wide range of industries, Platform audit teams combine financial know-how with business practicality. This unique combination ensures that the client’s time and resources are used efficiently. 

An audit includes an in-depth examination of the financial statements and supporting documentation by utilizing confirmation with external sources, physical inspections and observations and obtaining an understanding of the company’s accounting policies, procedures and internal controls.

An individual touch

Audits are performed in a customized, risk-based manner, with procedures focused on the critical issues facing each individual client.

Financial know how

Our experienced audit teams bring a depth of knowledge to the auditing process, leveraging technology to improve quality and effeciency.  

A clearer picture

As the most extensive financial statement service, audits help clarify internal operations and performance.


Regulators, lenders and investors are seeking more reassurance than ever before. Organizations are under pressure to take extra steps to ensure the credibility of their financial statements.

The financial review services team’s ability to grasp the unique aspects of an organization, combined with Platform’s proven reputation and track record, is a cost-effective way to meet requirements of third parties while avoiding a full audit.

Third party reporting

A review may be adequate for entities that must report their financial positions to third parties, such as creditors or regulatory agencies.

Limited assurance

By utilizing analytical procedures and inquiries of management and by assessing the accounting principles used in the overall financial presentation, a review provides limited assurance that no material changes need to be made.


A compilation involves assembling data from an organization’s records and presenting it in an appropriate financial statement. 

While not requiring in depth probing and inquiry, compilation services can be an excellent means to strengthen and grow your organization with more informed decision-making.

We speak the language

Our experienced compilation teams are fluent in the leading business software packages and are experts in helping mine these complex systems to reveal what is happening within a company.

Key insights

Our teams becomes familiar with the accounting principles and practices common to the company. By taking time to understand the organization, teams discover and deliver insights along the way.

Financial Statement Preparations

Financial statement preparations in accordance with professional standards express no opinion or any other form of assurance on the underlying information included in them. 

A preparation service can be a useful tool for management making financial decisions.

Professional preparations

Our teams prepare financial statements including balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flows, and statements of changes in equity.

Gain better understanding

This service can help individuals and businesses to get a clearer picture of their financial performance, identify areas for improvement, and make more informed decisions for the future.

Agreed Upon Procedures

Whether triggered by an internal concern or external compliance, properly designed agreed upon procedures can meet the special needs of board members and regulators. Agreed upon procedures can deliver immediate value and create the transparency and credibility needed to head off other more intense scrutiny or auditing.

Our experts support clients with these commonly agreed upon procedures:

• Dispute resolution

• Director exams

• Board of director elections and monitoring

• Accounts receivable and inventory

• Contract compliance.

Industry Specialties

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Employee Benefit Plans


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